Overby Shepard Elementary School

Going into Overby-Shepard we had expected more kids to be there, and had planned to have a larger group to work with. Once we realized that there were only 10 kids, meaning three or four per group, we had to entirely change our plan. We started by trying to get to know the kids and get them to calm down, which took longer than expected. We played simple games with them, but once they had settle down we started to ask them about their favorite tales. We read Little Red Riding Hood first and after reading this to them we acted out the story. The kids started to be restless, so having them act the story out really helped and also got them all involved. We ended our time there by doing an improv circle, which is where we each told a part of the story and then passed it on much like the first day of class. This produced some interesting variations of Red Riding Hood. Overall it was interesting to see the kids pen up, and also give their own interpretations and spins on the story. We thought though it started slow it ended up to be a very helpful experience.

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