Overby Shepard Elementary School – Week Two

Our second session at Overby Shepard went much better than the first one. Katherine, Luna, Evan and I were more confident and in this case, we had more kids to work with and share our planned activities.

Upon arrival, we played alongside the kids a game in which they had to run from one side of the gym to a safe spot on the other side. This ‘safe spot’ was called grandma’s house (in allusion to Little Red Riding Hood). However, in order to get there, you had to avoid the wolf and, if you were caught, you became part of the wolf pack. It was a fun way to get the kids interested in fairy tales, rather than just reading them. A while later, when the kids had made use of all that energy, we divided into our groups and started working. Three kids were assigned to us and we started reading Hansel and Gretel, at the same time that the kids colored and draw characters into a story timeline that we designed. This timeline had the different settings of the story in which the kids used their imagination to recreate the story. As our final activity, we acted the story ourselves along with the kids and what surprised us the most was how engaged they got with the story; they wanted to play all the characters. As this session went much better than last one, we are looking forward to plan new fun activities for next week.

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