Overly-Sheppard Week Two

Our second week with the children was successful. As a class we worked together to start the evening with a game. In order to burn the kids out a little bit we played a game, which is originally called Sharks and Minnows, but for the sake of our fairy tale program we called the Little Red Riding Hood game. In this game one side of the gym is Little Red Riding Hood’s home and the other side is Grandmother’s house. One of the children volunteered as the wolf and stood in the middle, if he tagged you, you’d have to join him as the wolf next time around. The children had to run from one side to the next without being tagged. The kids really seemed to enjoy this, and sprinted from wall to wall each time. Eventually the group in the middle became really large, and no one stood a chance.

During one of my many runs back and forth I managed to trip over all the little feet and winded up on the ground. It was here that I realized how old we all were. All these little kids were running up and down no stop, falling and getting right back up, and the moment I tripped I couldn’t find the strength to get up, not until a group of about five of them surrounded me and asked if I was okay!

After the game we proceed to divide into smaller groups. This time around our group consisted of four children; three girls and one boy. Fortunately for us, we knew all three girls, from last week and so reconnecting was not difficult. They boy was also really sweet.

This week we decided to read them Cinderella without any pictures. Instead we had them use their imagination to picture what we were reading and then we made them draw pictures of what they imagined while we read the book. Since all our children are six and younger, they were all having a little trouble drawing pictures. Soon the air became really competitive and they would all put their drawings against each other’s and ours. However eventually they realized how well Kit, Hannah, Diana and I could draw and then they all wanted to learn how to make dresses and pumpkins from us. During one of these drawing moments, the boy drew a picture of Cinderella with a vacuum instead of a broom, and when asked about the reason he said that his Cinderella was modern, this really made me laugh, what a joy!

At the end we had them take their images with them and chose one of ours to take with them to their parents. They could not have been more proud of their accomplishments. I look forward to working with them next week and to making them smile once more. 

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