Week 2

This Tuesday at Overby-Sheppard Elementary school, we, as a class, started our session with playing an interactive and physically active game with the children. The game had themes and symbols from the Little Red Riding Hood. One side of the gym was labeled the forest, where the children started the game. As they crossed to the other side of the gym, which was labeled the grandmother’s house, they had to avoid being tagged by the people labeled as wolves. The game helped the children familiarize with the subject of fairy tales and also helped them expend energy, so that they could listen more attentively during our group time.

After we all played the game together, the children were split into smaller groups. James and I had a group of two girls, a kindergartener and third grader, and two boys, a kindergartener and a fifth grader. As we all introduced ourselves to each other, I asked the students how familiar they were with fairy tales. Both of the girls had watched many of the Disney Princess movies and read Disney versions of fairy tales. The two boys were not as familiar with the fairy tales. As James read the titles of the different fairy tales to the children, we all decided to read “Hansel and Gretel”. The two older students read some of the story, and I finished with the reading of the story. During different parts of the story, each child interjected with their own comments and questions. After we finished reading “Hansel and Gretel”, we all drew pictures that related to the story as we all discussed what we had read. The children offered insight into what they would do if they were to come upon a house made of candy and their thoughts about certain parts of the story that disturbed them.  

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