Overby-Sheppard Week Three

Our third session with the children was really successful. This time, we also started our session with more games in order to make sure the kids expend their energy. The first one was similar to the game we played last week, but this time we had two fairy godmothers to save people who were caught by evil stepmothers. Another game we played was Duck, Duck, and Goose. In this game, we all sat in a circle, while the “picker” walked around tapping each person in turn and calling each a “duck”, until the picker finally picked one to be a “goose”. Then the goose had to chase the picker, and the picker had to try to return to the sit of the goose. Actually this was my first time to play this game, and I found it was really interesting to see the picker pointing each player and calling each a “duck”.

This time, Katherine, Maria, Evan and I brought some picture books from the library to the kids in order to get them interested in the story. This time our group consisted of three children; one girl and two boys. We selected The Ugly Ducking based on our vote and the Duck, Duck, and Goose we just played, and we started to read the story in turn. I thought the picture book successfully caught their attention, because this time kids began to ask us whether they could read the story. When we were reading the story, we asked the kids to act some of the characters in the story, and we could see that this time, they really engaged in the story. We will try to plan some other new activities and we are really looking forward to working with them next week!

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