Week 3 at Overby Sheppard

We started this week ‘s session off with another hybrid-fairy tale game. Instead of running away from wolves to get to grandma’s house, we played a version of freeze tag modeled after Cinderella. This game was surprisingly successful in getting the kids involved-they were running around in character and laughing-but not quite so successful in getting them calmed down. While last week’s game seemed to take some of the energy out of them, this week it just seemed to get them more riled up. We discussed this later as a group and decided that this was probably due to the fact that it was raining and they probably missed recess (that’s the story we’re sticking to at least).

Eventually we broke of into groups to read our stories. We read “Puss in Boots”, and as expected, we heard lots of references to the recent movie. It seemed like all of the children were engaged in the story though I’m unsure if they understood all of Puss’ trickery. Like last week, a topic of interest was the romance in the story. Some of the children bringing up the movie romance between Puss and his “lady friend” and were somewhat disappointed that it was not included in the novel. 

Having picture books truly helps the kids stay engaged. I think that the pictures are not only more interesting, but actually help them to better understand the story. By following along with the picture, the kids actually keep track and remember what is going on. Also, all of the kids LOVE to turn the pages. I’m not exactly sure why, but it helps them to focus, enjoy the story, and stay quiet (so I’m not complaining!) 

We’re still deciding which story to bring for next week but I’m interested to see if the kids manage to find another contemporary movie connection…

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