“This is the end…” a.k.a Week 4 with Evan, Luna, Maria, and Katherine

To start off this last review we just want to say how much fun our experience at Overby was. Personally, I learned more from those four visits than I did in some of my classes at UR *which for the purposes of this post will remain unnamed.

I’m going to talk about what worked and what didn’t work in our last visit and briefly compare those to our prior three visits, that’s it. Simple and sweet… like the chocolates we gave out and I promised myself I wouldn’t eat (I had 3… more like 10, but who’s counting?) QUICK TIP: DO NOT BRING CANDIES WITH PEANUT BUTTER *Ms. B if you’re reading this… we’re still sorry about that, oops.

Okay, here we go! Our last visit, as some of my classmates already mentioned, was a lot (a hell of a lot) easier than the other three. After our first visit we realized that young children, due to no fault of their own, have extreme and at times unmanageable amounts of energy. So we started to think up ideas to “run them out” before we began our activities. These genius ideas included playing tag, playing Sharks & Minnows (our own version intelligibly named “Grandma’s House” where we’d have the kids run from one side of the gym to the other and freeze in place if they were tagged by one of our many wolves) and racing, lots of racing. For students going in the future, It doesn’t matter what game you play as long as it involves a lot of running.

On the last day we played a few rounds of Grandma’s House until the kids were sufficiently tired. Afterwards we had them get in a circle to play “Duck, Duck, Goose.” The game was a perfect segway into story time. Since it only involves two people running at any time it gives us  plenty of time to joke around with as well as calm the kids down. It worked so well actually that we used it as a transition for every visit after the first.

Getting back to our last visit, after a few rounds of “Duck, Duck, Goose” and a few sets of pushups (Michelle Obama should thank us) we broke the kids up into groups for story time. My group definitely came prepared, we brought a picture book called “No Bears,” that was awesome and some crayons and paper to color after we read… and the chocolates. But even with the candy, after one of the kids in our group volunteered to read, the rest of them wanted to read too. After we read a page we asked the kids a number of questions to get them to think and to also see if they were paying attention, and of course they got a piece of candy if they got a question right. It’s amazing how well that works. Anyway, our group was happy to read the story we chose and the kids were happy to listen to it. It was a calm and relaxing experience. Two words I never thought I’d use in relation to those crazy kids! At the end of it all, the kids in our group drew some great pictures and learned a new fairy tale. Good work team!

It’s no surprise that the hardest part was saying goodbye. My group and I can honestly say that we’re going to miss every single kid there and would gladly go back and play rocketship or give some piggy back rides anytime. I’ll end this post simply with this: Bye Overby, it was a blast! Oh and everyone lived happily ever after.

Sing us out Adele:

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