Assessing your final projects

The final project represents the culmination of the work you’ve been doing this semester—work on analysis, writing, and reflection, especially. If you are doing a creative project, especially, you may be wondering how I will grade it.

Here are the qualities I will especially be looking for in creative work—of course, all of these qualities are also relevant to analytical papers as well:

1. Originality—is your work original, personal, new, your own? Or, if it is based on someone else’s work, is your contribution clear and significant? Have you done original research in order to accomplish your work?

2. Focus/purpose—does your work have a clear purpose that is demonstrated throughout the piece?

3. Reflection of course goals—does your work demonstrate an awareness and achievement of some or all of the course goals? (Goals 1 and 3 are particularly relevant for the creative piece, with 2 & 4 especially relevant to your reflective paper)

  • to both appreciate and analyze a wide variety of fairy tales and fairy tale revisions;
  • to understand and be able to explain why the study of fairy tales and other popular culture entertainments (especially for children) is valuable;
  • to evaluate and/or create interesting and rich fairy-tale based entertainments;
  • to develop the skills to pursue further research in the areas that interest you.

4. Integration of course materials/ideas—does your work integrate course materials and ideas, as represented by texts, essays, films, and/or blog posts we’ve discussed in class? Have you also done original research to deepen and enrich this material?

Reflective paper for creative projects:

Some of the above (especially #2 and 4) may be better expressed in your final reflective paper rather than in the creative project itself. Your reflective paper should be a 3-4 page essay in which you demonstrate the ways in which your project reflects the course goals and integrates course materials.


All students will turn in a portfolio of work done during the semester at the final exam time. This portfolio must contain:

  1. Both of your analytical papers;
  2. Your final project, including (if relevant) the reflective paper that accompanies creative projects;
  3. A 1-2 letter to a future student, suggesting tips for success in this course;
  4. A brief (1-2 page) reflective essay in which you explain what you learned, specifically, in producing one of the graded works for the course. Please make sure you provide specific details about what you learned, how you learned it, and why you think it is valuable.

Please submit all the written work in the portfolio electronically, along with either hard or electronic copies of the creative work (if relevant) by Friday, May 3 (the time scheduled for our final exam).