Reflection Paper Guidelines

In 3-5 pages (typed, double-spaced), please reflect on your experiences at Overby-Sheppard in relation to our course readings and discussions. You will want to include the following specific elements in your reflection:

  1. What you and your group did from week to week, and how it changed in relation to the children’s responses and/or our course materials
  2. How the children responded to the various activities—what they seemed to enjoy the most, least, etc.
  3. How familiar the children were with fairy tales, and whether they had any pre-existing connection with them (here you may want to tell some specific stories, especially if this differed from child to child).
  4. Whether you can connect your experiences with any of our readings, especially Bettelheim, Rowe, and/or Tolkien. Did there seem to be any necessary or essential connection between children and fairy tales? Did the children seem to be already aware and perhaps even formed by the stories (this might speak specifically to Rowe’s points, if they were aware of the gender implications)? Conversely, were the fairy tales new to them?
  5. Whether you could see an effect of non-print media on their understanding of fairy tales (film, TV, games, etc.). Did this increase or decrease their engagement with the stories?
  6. What other kinds of activities might have helped you think through these questions, and/or how you might design a fairy tale activity for chlidren in the future.

You need not necessarily take on these points in order, but you should address them all. Make sure that your reflection is well-organized, clear, and coherent—while it will probably not be as thesis-driven as an analytical paper, you should still keep the rubric categories in mind as you write. Be specific (tell stories!), be clear, and be concise in your telling.

Please email this paper to me no later than  5 pm Tuesday, March 12, using the same naming convention as before: tttp2[yourlastname].

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