Course Goals

The mission of this course is to help you to develop tools to both appreciate and analyze a wide variety of fairy tales and fairy tale revisions; to understand and be able to explain why the study of fairy tales and other popular culture entertainments (especially for children) is valuable; to evaluate and/or create interesting and rich fairy-tale based entertainments; and to develop the skills to pursue further research in the areas that interest you.

In addition, all first-year seminar courses share a set of common and interlocking goals for students. They will:

  1. expand and deepen students’ understanding of the world and of themselves
  2. enhance their ability to read and think critically
  3. enhance their ability to communicate effectively, in writing, speech, and other appropriate forms
  4. develop the fundamentals of information literacy and library research
  5. provide the opportunity for students to work closely with a faculty mentor

These goals support and complement the specific learning goals for this seminar.

We will discuss and perhaps revise or supplement these goals as the semester goes on: what are your goals for the course? What do you hope to learn?