Rubric for Written Work

Short Essay Rubric:

CONTENT Strong Acceptable Weak
Central claim(very important) Essay has a clear, non-obvious, interesting claim that neither restates the question nor asks one without answering it Essay has a clear claim but it may be obvious or a simple restatement of the question Essay has no clear claim
Scope Topic is clearly defined and limited Topic is defined but limits aren’t clear Topic is either undefined or tries to do too much
Topic sentences Each paragraph has a topic sentence that clearly links back to the thesis Paragraphs have topic sentences but relationship to thesis is not always clear No or few topic sentences; paragraphs not logically ordered
Choice of evidence(very important) Claim is supported with evidence drawn from the text that is analyzed creatively and thoughtfully Claim is supported with textual evidence but analysis is minimal or evidence is obvious Claim is either unsupported or evidence is irrelevant
Integration Quotations are smoothly integrated into the text Not all quotations fully integrated; some awkward moments Quotations not integrated into sentences, introducing grammatical or logical errors
Analysis Each quotation is preceded or followed by analysis—at least 2 lines per quotation Quotations are analyzed but some logical breaks or missing steps Limited to no analysis of quotations; analysis never moves beyond paraphrase
Academic Integrity (pass/fail) Sources are properly referenced Essay lacks attribution for sources, whether course materials, online sources, or others
Grammar Essay has been copy-edited and has no grammatical or spelling errors Essay is largely error-free but some errors remain Essay has not been copy-edited
Style Essay is clear and graceful Essay is usually clear and readable Essay is awkward, repetitive, or hard to read.
Concision(very important) Essay is concise and diction is well-chosen; style shows attention to revision Essay is generally concise, though some wordiness may remain Essay is wordy and vague